Games are our passion! Having already proved our worth on the mobile gaming market we keep working, moving and striving for more. If you've been looking for an entry point to the gaming industry or you already have years of experience behind your back and wish to work upon interesting and challenging tasks – here's your chance! “

Why choose Pride Games Studio?
Flexibility when discussing working conditions

We offer flexible conditions when hiring and are ready to meet our candidates half way. After a successful interview we will provide you with tasks that will be interesting and optimal for you as well as a comfortable schedule considering your personal preferences.

Wide range of tasks

The broad-spectrum activity in all focus areas of our company will never let you sink deep into office routine. Our specialists face multiple challenging tasks every day, discuss the best way to resolve them and collectively bring the optimal solutions to life. With us you'll be able to level up your professional skills as well as widen your understanding of the developing process as a whole.

Guaranteed career growth

In Pride Games Studio you'll have an opportunity to grow as a specialist and move up the corporate ladder. We operate with a time-proven system of KPI and productivity evaluation which allows us to rightly appreciate the contribution of every member of our team.

Cozy office and friendly atmosphere

We value each member of our team and do everything to make them feel cherished and loved. Tasty treats in the kitchen, comfortable lounge zone, tennis table and consoles for nice launch breaks are waiting for you to enjoy!

What we offer
  • Employment via labor code of RF right from the start;
  • Convenient office location and comfortable working conditions;
  • The opportunity of personal and professional growth;
  • Close family-like team;
  • Coffee, tea, cookies, fruits and tasty treats for everyone.
  • Economical/Monitesation Game Designer
  • Programmer Unity3D
  • Designer / 2D artist
  • Game designer
  • 3D Artist
  • QA Engineer
  • Level-designer
  • Animator
Economical/Monitesation Game Designer

Pride Games Studio – Saint Petersburg based mobile game developer and publisher – is currently looking for a tech game designer.

Key role responsibilities:
  • Analyzing key F2P games metrics and forming well-argued suggestions on their improvements;
  • Finding monetization funnels in projects and suggesting ways to improve them;
  • Working with ingame balance (gameplay and economical);
  • Tune gaming experience for different user groups;
  • Forming analytical reports and sharing them with the team.
Essential skills and experience:
  • 3 years minimum experience in analytics with proven results to show for;
  • Knowledge of key gaming metrics;
  • Understanding the gaming processes: meta-game, core game loop etc;
  • Knowledge of analytics tools;
  • Ability to give sound reasons for your conclusions.
Would be an asset:
  • Understanding of high-level structure of F2P projects;
  • Ability to deconstruct projects in order to reveal competitive strengths;
  • Experience in developing mid- and long-term strategies (in collaboration with producer / PM);
  • Deep understanding of mobile market / readiness to learn within a short time;
  • Analytical mind-set, high attention rate, ability and willingness to deal with fine details.
Programmer Unity3D

Pride Games Studio – Saint Petersburg based mobile game developer and publisher – is currently looking for a Unity3D programmer.

Key role responsibilities:
  • Implementing the functionality of the client part of the mobile game;
  • Creating open interfaces (UI);
  • Implementation of gaming business logic;
  • Maintaining technical documentation;
  • Creating development and testing tools;
  • Writing native plug-ins for iOS and Android.
Essential skills and experience:
  • Experience in developing mobile games on Unity (Android / iOS);
  • Solid knowledge of C#, understanding of OOP operating principles;
  • Experience in developing of online gaming projects, understanding of client-server applications operating principles;
  • Solid algorithmic and mathematical base;
  • Experience in programming ingame logic;
  • Knowledge of design patterns and ability to apply them in practice;
  • Experience with Git.
Would be an asset:
  • Released projects (App Store, Google Play);
  • Experience in working with adjacent specialists (game designers, 2D artists, moddellers);
  • Experience in writing shaders;
  • Experience in developing of native plugins;
  • Experience in optimization of gaming applications;
  • Interest in games and gaming industry as a whole.
Designer / 2D artist

Pride Games Studio – Saint Petersburg based mobile game developer and publisher – is currently looking for a designer / 2D artist.

Key role responsibilities:
  • Planning and creating game scenes and promotional materials for games (banners, screenshots, fakeshots);
  • Competent presentation of project's advantages;
  • Drawing GUI elements, menus, interface and items icons (weapons, armor, food, tools etc);
  • Interaction with the team.
Essential skills and experience:
  • Hand drawing skills and understanding the basics of visual art and design (style, arrangement, light-and-shade, color);
  • Ability to work with 2D software (Photoshop, Illustrator);
  • Ability to quickly create sketches based on the suggested decisions and personal ideas;
  • Knowledge of gaming industry trends.
Would be an asset:
  • Experience with Unity, 3D Max;
  • Portfolio with examples of games intefaces and banners.
Game designer

Pride Games Studio – Saint Petersburg based mobile game developer and publisher – is currently looking for a game designer.

Key role responsibilities:
  • Maintaining design documentation;
  • Taking part in development of gaming concept and mechanics;
  • Creating interface mock-ups;
  • Tuning the ingame economics and monetization system;
  • Calculation and tuning of ingame balance;
  • Working with ingame metrics (processing and analyzing);
  • Planning and controlling the development process;
  • Arranging tasks in Jira;
  • Interacting with the development team.
Essential skills and experience:
  • Structured and systematic approach to design;
  • Ability to competently express your thoughts in written and verbal form;
  • Presence of finished projects;
  • Knowledge of F2P games market, its current trends and tendencies;
  • Knowledge of core gameplay mechanics, monetization and audience retention principles;
  • Passion for games and development process;
  • Ability to set goals and focus on achieving the needed results;
  • Work experience as a game designer minimum of 3 years.
Would be an asset:
  • Experience in scripts writing;
  • Experience in working with tables and formulas;
  • Experience in working with Unity 3D;
  • Experience in development of mobile applications;
  • Кnowledge of worldwide mobile market trends, latest games, specialized web-resources;
  • Mathematics and engineering education.
3D Artist

Pride Games Studio – Saint Petersburg based mobile game developer and publisher – is currently looking for a 3D artist.

Key role responsibilities:
  • Creation of stylized low poly models for mobile games (props, plants, characters, animals, houses);
  • Hand paint texturing;
  • RIG and low-poly animations;
  • Working with feedback;
  • Planning your time and work with the task tracker.
Essential skills and experience:
  • Having a portfolio with works in the right style;
  • Experience of participation in game projects from 3 years;
  • Maya / 3ds Max, ZBrush, Substance Painter, 3D Coat, Photoshop;
  • Hard / soft surface modeling skill for mobile platforms;
  • hand paint texturing skill;
  • Ability to optimize the UV layout and topology of objects as much as possible;
  • The ability to feel the proportions, read the concept;
  • Adequate perception of criticism, ability to work in a team;
  • The ability to allocate their work time;
  • Initiative and the ability to resolve work issues.
Would be an asset:
  • Experience with game engines;
  • The presence of art education;
  • Experience with the task tracker;
  • Own ideas and the ability to bring them to life.
QA Engineer

Pride Games Studio – Saint Petersburg based mobile game developer and publisher – is currently looking for a QA Engineer.

Key role responsibilities:
  • Manual and automated testing of company games for errors;
  • Project quality control;
  • Development and implementation of quality models;
  • Preparation of test cases for game design of documents, control over their execution;
  • Putting correction tasks into the bug-tracking system, monitoring their execution;
  • Analysis of test results, reporting.
Essential skills and experience:
  • Understanding the software testing process;
  • Experience with version control systems (SVN / Git);
  • Testing experience from 1.5 years;
  • Good knowledge of testing theory;
  • The ability to competently express their ideas and convey them to the team;
  • Understanding and applying checklists and test cases.
Would be an asset:
  • Experience testing game projects;
  • Experience with Unity 3d;
  • Debugging tools (Android Studio, iTunes, iTools, Dev Console, Charlese, etc);
  • Ability to work in a team.

Pride Games Studio – Saint Petersburg based mobile game developer and publisher – is currently looking for a Level-designer.

Key role responsibilities:
  • Developing and balancing gaming locations, creating the necessary documentation;
  • Build and place game objects at a location;
  • Setting up streaming, dodging, occlusion culing, lighting and final tune-up of locations;
  • Testing game locations;
  • Maintaining bug lists for locations;
  • Interaction with the art director and game designer.
Essential skills and experience:
  • Experience in creating locations for mobile game projects;
  • Experience with Unity3d;
  • Having an artistic taste, a sense of color and composition.
Would be an asset:
  • Knowledge of 3D packages;
  • Willingness to perform a test task or portfolio;
  • Great gaming experience.

Pride Games Studio – Saint Petersburg based mobile game developer and publisher – is currently looking for a Animator.

Key role responsibilities:
  • RIG and skinning characters, animals, etc .;
  • Create various believable animations for characters, creatures, etc. in accordance with the needs of the design / gameplay, while adhering to the established visual identity and direction of the animation (combat / combinations / skills, etc.);
  • Export and configure animations in Unity3d (working with Unity Animator);
  • Create animations for promotional videos (gaming trailers) using low / mid-poly in game models (+ camera setting and animation);
  • Interaction with the development team (concept artists, 3D artists, programmers).
Essential skills and experience:
  • Portfolio;
  • Confident 3ds Max / Maya, Unity3d;
  • Understanding the specifics of developing animations for mobile projects;
  • Experience in creating animations of realistic and stylized characters;
  • Versatility and ability to adapt to different visual styles;
  • A great desire to participate in game development;
  • Ability to work with feedback and be ready for constructive criticism.
Would be an asset:
  • Skills in other 3D packages (MotionBuilder, etc.);
  • Skills in C #, MaxScript, MEL;
  • Custom (complex) rigs creation skill;
  • Excellent knowledge of human anatomy;
  • Art education.
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